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Train the Trainer Course (TTC) HSE- 08-03

The Practical Safety Trainer
Customisable HSE/SHE Skill Training Material.

Why write your own Trainer Training course when we’ve done it for you? Prewritten courseware saves you time any money and helps you better prepare for classroom training with well-researched and proven course materials.

Trainer Training is vital to a learning organization and a cornerstone in the improvement process. It imparts the skills and knowledge that people need in order to address business opportunities, solve problems and improve processes. The results are too important to leave to chance. Helping managers and supervisors recognize the practical skills they need to “stand and deliver” and giving them the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment will be the key benefits of this trainer training workshop.

  • This course comes with:
  • You also receive:
? Training Workbook

? Unlimited reprinting rights

? Instructor Guide ? Unlimited number of users
? Activities & Ice Breakers ? Unlimited rights to customize and modfy the course contents to suit your needs.
? Pre-Assignment Questions? Contact:
Power Point Slides
? Course Outline
? Promotional Advertorial
? Recommended Reading Lists

 Train the Trainer: The Practical Trainer Overview

What participants will learn:
At the conclusion of the TTTC, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of considering the participants and their training needs, including the different learning styles and adult learning principles
  • Know how to write objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of a training session
  • Develop an effective training style, using the training aids and techniques that are appropriate
  • Understand the importance of an instruction guide to help a trainer prepare and deliver effectively and consistently
  • Conduct a short group training session that incorporates these training concepts
  • Structure presentations
  • Facilitate training sessions
  • Apply the training principles
  • Identify the eight learning phases and
  • Presentation skillsTarget Group:
  • NADSAM Students
  • All levels of trainers
  • Health and safety practitioners
  • Health and safety representatives
  • Consultants

Duration: Five days: (Three days theoretical and two days practical facilitation/presentation.)

Entry requirements:

Experience in the training field, energetic and assertive.

Course Content:

  • Identified the eight learning phases
  • The three major training principals
  • Structuring presentations, using ice-breakers
    and visual aids
  • Presentation skills, questioning techniques, giving feedback.
  • Structuring and using lesson plans.
  • Group process functions.
  • Motivation of learners.
  • Facilitative training.


Provides the necessary knowledge and skill to facilitate and present training with confidence



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