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Most incidents (accidents, near-misses) a don’t “just happen”, something or someone causes them to happen. Their outcome – i.e. whether injury or damage actually results, or the severity of that injury or damage – is largely a matter of chance. From a management viewpoint, therefore, it is essential that any incident which had a potential to cause significant harm or damage is investigated, irrespective of the actual outcome. Incidents indicate underlying problems that have either resulted in injury or loss, or could do so in the future.

The skills needed to investigate incidents effectively are essential tools for all line managers and advisers if the root causes and appropriate preventative needs are to be identified. The primary purpose of this course is to give all staff the core knowledge and skills required for gathering evidence and constructing the sequence of events, so that they can identify the critical factors. Additionally, by using simple incident tree analysis they can analyze the root causes.

Target Group Intended for

This course is for supervisors and managers at all levels, including safety advisers and safety representatives, who would undertake routine investigations or who could be members of a team investigating more complex events.

– Managers
– All supervisory staff
– Investigation team members
– Health and Safety reps
– Safety officers and advisors

The delegate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the requirement for identifying the underlying causes of incidents and near misses and the resultant benefits.
  • Identify potential sources of evidence, and be familiar with the systematic method of conducting witness interviews.
  • Apply a methodical technique to identify the sequence of events that resulted in the serious occurrence (time line
    analysis/data mapping/building blocks).
  • Use simple incident tree evaluation to obtain root cause.
  • Prepare corrective actions.
  • Prepare corrective actions.

Prior Knowledge: None – although Risk Assessment would be beneficial.

Delegates will participate in :

  • Objectively and collectively identify all contributing causes of all incidents
  • Collect information
  • Analyse data to identify contributory factors and their inter-relationship
  • Determine root/real causes of events contributing to the incident
  • Formulate an appropriate action plan and prevent further losses
  • Create ownership amongst employees by making them part of the investigation process
  • Demonstrate that the company is concerned about safety, health and the environment

Course Content:

  • Explain the purpose, principles and benefits of incident investigation
  • Carry out the advance planning necessary for effective incident investigations
  • Conduct incident investigations
  • Complete the necessary documentation and report required for the incident investigation process.
  • Evaluate overall recommendation areas against investigation findings.
  • Motivate employees to submit incident reports
  • Develop a basic incident cost report

Further/Alternative Training:

A Team Leader’s course and a Senior Investigator’s course with greater knowledge and higher skills in interviewing technique, root cause analysis and determining effective corrective actions are available. Team Member training is the minimum entry requirement for these courses.

On-site Coaching/Assistance:
Post-training, further support is available through hands-on coaching and advice.

The course content can be modified to match specific company requirements, by request.

Course Duration: 2 Days
Numbers: Minimum 6, Maximum 15

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