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Legal Audits

South Africa has been a Member of the International Labour Organization also known as the ILO’s from 1919 to 1966 and since 26 May 1994. The ILO creates basic regulations to ensure working conditions is beneficial to employers and employees alike. This has created the need and given guidance upon where South Africa has developed its national framework.

Today South Africa has one of the most stringent set of rules Employers have to comply to such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (No.75 of 1997), Mine Health and Safety Act (No.29 of 1996) and its regulations gazetted under Section 98 of the Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act (No.85 of 1993) and its regulations gazetted under section 43 of the act and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases act (No.130 of 1993). These are some of the acts that affect daily business dealings that companies must implement and adhere to, to ensure compliance.

ISTEC has established a Division to assist and guide companies in ensuring compliance to these rules and regulations by Consulting, Developing and Implementing procedures and systems to ensure the company’s Shareholders, Directors and Management can focus on the business operations and receive feedback and guidance on matters they are not subject matter experts on.

All of the major respected enterprises in South Africa Require that their Contractors and Suppliers Comply. Those Contractors and Suppliers must ensure their subcontractors and suppliers adhere to the same rules they do to ensure their customer satisfaction is guaranteed and that they protect the reputation of themselves.

ISTEC Deals with Exactly that, we become the SHEQ department you need to ensure you comply. ISTEC Employs Seniors in the industry and Form a Comprehensive SHEQ Solution that becomes an integral part of our client’s business. Each of the systems we built is unique to its owner, our client, and works for the benefit of the business. We have extensive knowledge in Mining, Construction, IT, Chemical, Education, Fire, Engineering and Manufacturing. All our clients sign an SLA that Shows our Commitment in our work and a Nondisclosure Agreement to ensure the trade secrets and in-house processes remain that of Our Clients.

QMS Audits

During this time they will also expect you to perform the following actions to verify for yourself how well your processes and procedures are meeting the planned arrangements:

Internal Audit:

 Your certification body expects that you will look at every process within your QMS before they get there. This way you can make sure that the results you are getting are as you planned and expected. Now is the time to work through any deviations from the plan and address them. Why would the certification body want to audit your processes if you have not had a chance yet?

Management Review: 

Not only the auditors, but also the top management need to perform their tasks to make sure the QMS is meeting expectations. A management review of the QMS, to make sure that it is meeting requirements and re-assign resources as necessary, needs to happen before the certification body audit. The certification body doesn’t want to audit a QMS that the top management hasn’t had a chance to review yet.

Corrective Actions

If you find anything in your audits or management review, you need to have plans in place to investigate the root cause and find the corrective actions necessary to address that root cause. The certification body doesn’t want to find the same problem that you have already identified and did not address. If they do find a problem that you have identified and contained, and that is already being investigated in your corrective action system, they will be pleased to see that your system is already doing what it is designed to do: contain the problem and provide corrective action of the root cause. Never leave a known problem for the certification auditors to find.


We assist with Internal and External Audits.  Contact us should you require Auditors to assist.

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