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Attitude & Perception Intervention Course

This course reshapes employee behaviours and attitudes. It explores the relationship among culture, behaviour and people’s attitudes and how to effectively intervene to improve workplace safety.

Who Should Attend: Target Group?
All staff whether managers or regular employees can benefit from this course by becoming responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
• All employees
• All managers
• All supervisory staff
• All contractors and sub-contractors

How Does The Participants Benefit?
Participants will maintain a behavioural safety leadership by learning the four skills of – Acting, Coaching, Thinking and Seeing. Although OHSAS does not regulate Behaviour Based Safety programs and no specific training documentation is required, it is good practice to implement a BBS approach in the workplace. In addition to training the participants the essentials of BBS, it will be presented with local culture and people’s attitudes in mind.

Course Contents:
• Building trust and loyalty for leadership
• Employee/management involvement
• Behaviour, attitude and culture
• Identification of safe and at-risk behaviour
• How to use behaviour analysis to increase safe behaviour
• Observation & feedback
• Attitude and Perception Survey
• Lateral and Creative Thinking
• Practical exercise
• Decision – making – the process
• Permanent Solutions- practical exercise
• Hazard-hunt with practical hazard identification and risk assessment
• Attitude and Perception – feedback and corrective actions

Students will participate in:
• An intervention and corrective actions with regard to attitudinal   deficiencies
• A workshop of lateral and creative thinking
• Be part of a decision-making process based on strategic guidelines
• Conduct practical hazard identification and risk assessments

Duration: One day minimum 8 hours

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