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An iSTEC Trainer or Safety Professionals will first develop and then conduct an on-site Confined Space Entry training course that is tailored to the specific needs of your company and the hazards facing your employees!

iSTEC Trainer conducts on-site confined space entry training for your entry supervisors, entrants, & attendants. Training materials include a training manual, plus a free model written confined space entry program on CD that you can revise for your company’s use!

Topics addressed during our on-site training seminar include:

  • Identifying permit-required confined spaces and their hazards;
  • Proper utilization of gas monitoring equipment;
  • Methods to safely ventilate your confined space;
  • Duties of supervisors, entrants, and attendants;
  • Requirements for rescue services & personnel;
  • Steps necessary to temporarily reclassify a permit-required confined space to a non-permit space;
  • How to take advantage of OHSACT alternate entry procedures; and,
  • Ensuring your written Confined Space Entry program and procedures meet the OHSACT and Mine Health and Safety regulations.

All training is documented and certified per OHSACT and Mine Health and Safety regulations, plus each trainee receives a certificate of completion for the course.

Other Confined Space Entry services available from ISTEC include:

  • Customized written confined space entry program development, including OHSACT-compliant alternate entry procedures;
  • Conducting annual confined space program reviews; and,
  • Assisting with confined space identification and hazard assessments.

Money Saving Tip! Consider incorporating Confined Space Entry Training as part of your Fatality Prevention programme

Duration: One day minimum 8 hours

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