Hazard And Operability Studies (HAZOP Studies) IEC 61882 Three days / 24 Hours PSM 08-9

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Course Description

The course is based on OSHA 29CFR Part 1910 Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations and was developed by professional educators using instruction techniques and audio-visual materials specifically designed for adult learners. There is a focus on developing a practical understanding of what it takes to plan and lead a successful study and on practicing new skills. General topics in the Course include:

  • Risk fundamentals
  • Guidewords, deviations and risk ranking
  • PHA techniques (HAZOP, What-If, FMEA)
  • Design Issues
  • Human Factors and Facility Siting
  • Scoping the study
  • Documentation issues

Participants will be provided with overview training and resource materials. For complete details, please ask for to the Course Program.

Target Group:

  • Line Managers-Production Foreman and Plant Superintendents, Area Managers
  • Risk Managers/Practitioner SHE Practitioners
  • Process Safety Specialists
  • Quality assurance Reliability groups
  • Facilitators of Operability studies
  • Project Managers and Engineers

Course Objectives

The aim of this Course is to provide the participants with the basic knowledge to understand HAZOP. HAZOP is a systematic multidisciplinary team study intended to identify and analyze the significance of potential process hazards and make initial recommendations for eliminating hazards, for reducing the consequences of potential accidents and for improving general facility safety. Upon the successful completion of this Course, participants will:

  • Understand the purpose and methodology of the HAZOP review technique based on the International Standard IEC 61882:2001 HAZOP studies – Application Guide.
  • Understand the role of the independent chairman and the HAZOP team.
  • Understand the minimum Engineering Documents and drawings required to complete a satisfactory HAZOP Report.
  • Understand the structure and the content of a HAZOP Report
  • Apply the HAZOP tool to process design of existing or new facilities including interface, start up and commissioning of a plant.
  • Assess the risk level/criticality associated with control loop/equipment failure.
  • Gain basic skills in the use of the What-If, HAZOP and other techniques and in the use of software as a tool in the facilitation of Process Hazards Analysis.


Duration: 3 Day minimum 24 Hours


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