Istec Safety Investigations

Incident investigation is one of our specialist services.  We provide a full investigation service, starting from in-loco inspections of incident scenes, through the data collection, incident root cause analysis and recommendation of provision of corrective and preventive action. Our consultants are regularly performing incident investigations with fatal and serious consequences.

We bring current industry knowledge collected over a range of industries and organisations to your organisation, thus acceleration you learning and increasing the effectiveness of your risk management programs. Recent work includes incidents in heavy manufacturing,  smelting industry, construction, hard rock mining ( blasting, fall of ground,  mobile and trackless equipment)

We are experts on the use of a wide variety of investigative and analytical tools, including ICAM, SCAT/RCAT/ MORT, Fault Tree analysis, and Taproot and can base our investigation report on any of these to suit your incident database. We also have our own specially developed analysis tools that is applied to your benefit and can be used if you do not already have one of the above tools in use.

Our reports are unbiased, complete and confidential and form a critical part of preventing further incidents.

The reports are also essential in cases to assist legal counsel in preventing undue legal prosecution. We have a strong track record in dealing with both serious and fatal incidents in the hard rock mining industry, coal mining industry, manufacturing, heavy engineering and construction.

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