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Management of Change MOC

Recommended prerequisites: Participants should have practical, technical experience in design, operation, or maintenance of complex systems.

MOC is the element for which all other “foundation” elements of PSM are implemented. It is the PSM element that controls introduction of new risk. Recognizing change, analyzing the risk of each change, and handling small changes efficiently are just some of the barriers that managers face with MOC implementation. This 2-day course explores proven strategies for implementing a workable MOC system and customized approaches to fit your company’s culture. It also shows how to implement physical and instrumentation changes through the proper use of pre-startup safety review (PSSR) systems, sometimes called operational readiness reviews (ORRs). Written examples of programs for addressing simple and complex changes are included in the course notebook.

Target Group-Typical Course Candidates

  • Technical Managers and Supervisors
  • HSE professionals SHE Practitioners
  • Quality control managers and staff
  • Engineers
  • PSM coordinators
  • Line Managers
  • Risk Managers/Practitioners
  • Process Safety Specialists
  • Design Engineers
  • Review Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Most other operation, maintenance, reliability, and quality staff who are involved with designing, implementing, tracking, and evaluating MOC programs

What You Will Learn

  • Requirements of a complete MOC System
  • What PSSR is and how it works and how it can be combined with MOC and mechanical integrity systems
  • How to realistically control both small and large changes, minimizing employees’ needs to bypass the system
  • Simple frameworks for identifying and analyzing risks associated with a recommended change to help ensure the minimum losses to your company (this is the heart of any MOC system)
  • Training needs and requirements for all levels of your organization necessary to make managing change a functional system.
  • How to integrate all company systems for managing specific functional changes into one MOC system to handle PSM, HSE, quality control, reliability, and productivity changes; and learn why this integration is so important

Take Home:

  • Training tools for teaching your employees to recognize the difference between a replacement-in-kind and a change (take home copies included)
  • Copies of real MOC and PSSR written programs, forms, and checklists of risk review & PSSR questions
  • To equip participants to:
  • Understand the concept of MOC
  • Distinguish between the different types of changes
  • Implement procedures to manage changes in the workplace
  • Support and maintain a MOC system
  • Managing resistance to change

Course Content:

  • Motivating factors for implementing Management of Change
  • Types of changes
  • Managing changes
  • Principles for successfully implementing MOC systems
  • Why change doesn’t work
  • Why initiatives go wrong and how to try again and succeed
  • Benefits of implementing a management of change system

Duration: 2 Day minimum 16 hours

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