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Leadership Dynamics HSE – 08-19
Safety Visible felt Leadership

This course enables management to understand the role they play towards cultivating a safety culture in the workplace.

The role of leadership cannot be overemphasized in the success of a behavior-based safety process. Supervisors and managers should generally conduct observations as part of a behavioral safety process. Safety leadership is vital, whether it is from formal or informal leaders throughout an organization. Formal leadership includes supervisors and managers. Informal leaders are employees who take a special interest in safety; they are often union leaders and other employees who are well-respected by coworkers. Both types of leaders share important responsibilities for supporting safety. To maximize the success of behavioral safety improvement efforts, leadership responsibilities must be defined for both formal and informal leaders.

Course Description

Reviews the role of managerial leadership in determining organisational safety outcomes. Identifies three different levels of management with special responsibilities for health and safety: senior (or corporate) level managers; middle level managers (including site managers) and supervisors (also known as front line managers or team leaders).

Clarifies distinctions between the levels, explores the unique contribution of each level, and examines the paths of influence between them. A holistic model of the leadership factors at each level was developed, to show how they interact to influence safety

Who should attend?

Management such as company owner, Director, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, or anyone in leadership role, or aiming to a leadership role, who needs the skills to bring about a safe workplace.

  • Staff with no experience of OH&S who will be involved in implementing OHSAS 18001
  • Environmental and Quality Managers wishing to move into OH&S systems

Key Benefits to Your Business:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities towards safety, local Workplace, Safety and Health Act and its
  • Subsidiary Regulations
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities towards its Subsidiary Regulations
  • Understand the Risk Management process
  • Acquire the necessary skills to create a safer workplace

Most importantly of all, it demonstrates that your organization takes the health and safety of its staff seriously and is proactive in its efforts to promote their well-being.

Learning Methodology

Participants will learn through a unique blend of role-plays, and individual and group exercises.

Course Contents: Modules
Module One: Overview of Safety Responsibilities

  • What does the law say?
  • Providing physical resources
  • Providing psychosocial support

Module Two: Identifying Hazards

  • The four hazard areas
  • The safety inspection process
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA/JSA)

Module Three: Correcting Hazards

  • The Hierarchy of Controls
  • Incident investigation
  • Accident investigation

Module Four: Providing Safety Training

  • Supervisor responsibilities for safety training
  • What subject should be trained?
  • When do supervisors need to train?
  • What is the best training method to use?
  • Sample training lesson

Module Five: Providing Safety Supervision

  • How does the OHSACT/ MHSACT define “supervision”?
  • What is safety leadership?
  • How does a supervisor demonstrate safety leadership?

Module Six: Ensuring Safety Accountability

  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Establishing standards
  • Measuring performance
  • Balancing consequences
  • Effective progressive discipline

Module Seven: Creating a Culture of Consequences

  • The four categories of consequences
  • Positive reinforcement

Module Eight: Tough-Caring Leadership

  • What Leadership is NOT
  • The Five Levels of Leadership
  • Culture…The way things are around here
  • Corporate culture and personality
  • Management + Leadership = Culture

Learning Methodology

Participants will learn through a unique blend of role-plays, and individual and group exercises.

Duration: One or Two days – Busy Executives 4 Hours x 2 Sessions

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