Process Hazard Analysis Team Member Training – HAZOP and What If Techniques Five days / 40 Hours PSM 08-7

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Course Description

This course covers practical methods for performing process hazard analyses (PHAs) of systems, procedures, using the hazard and operability (HAZOP) and what-if/checklist techniques that will address regulatory requirements

Human Factors

Because human factors analysis is such an important part of a PHA, one full day of instruction will focus on human factors issues. You will learn how to apply the HAZOP and what-if/checklist techniques to analyzing procedures (such as system startup, shutdown, batch operation, and maintenance) for the hazards of not performing a step as specified. You will also learn how to investigate the work situation for root causes of human error.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

A low ratio of students to instructors (no more than 10:1) ensures plenty of one-on-one coaching by our expert instructors during realistic workshop exercises.

How You Will Benefit

Come away from the course with these valuable materials:

  • A 1-hour video on the HAZOP technique (Value at $600 or R 4 200 )
  • A copy of the course notes and problem solutions
  • A Manager’s Guide to Reducing Human Errors
  • A Comparison study of all the available PHA Methods

Target Group-Typical Course Candidates

  • Technical Managers and Supervisors
  • HSE professionals SHE Practitioners
  • Quality control managers and staff
  • Engineers
  • PSM coordinators
  • Line Managers
  • Risk Managers/Practitioners
  • Process Safety Specialists
  • Design Engineers
  • Review Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Most other operation, maintenance, reliability, and quality staff who are involved with designing, implementing, tracking, and evaluating MOC programs

What You Will Learn

How to Participate as team member and Document PHA Studies

Whether it is your first PHA or time for revalidation, our experienced PHA leaders and scribes can lead and document your PHA team meeting to make sure your PHA is a success. The high-quality documentation we provide in our PHA reports helps describe how the PHA team explicitly addressed each regulatory issue required of a PHA (human factors, facility siting, previous incidents, etc.). In addition, the detailed PHA tables in our reports can be used for related process safety management (PSM) programs such as management of change, incident investigations, training, and future PHA revalidations. Requirements of a complete MOC System

Duration: 5 days minimum 40 hours

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