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ISO 31000 Application of Risk Management Course

What are the benefits

Pro-actively improve operational efficiency and governance, build stakeholder confidence in your use of risk techniques, apply management system controls to risk analysis to minimize losses. Improve management system performance and resilience. Respond to change effectively and protect your business as you grow.

Course Objectives

Application of Risk to Management training course will give management representatives and people responsible for management systems the tools and techniques that will enable the effective application of risk methods to their ISO and SHERQ Management  systems.

Target Group

  • Risk, Environmental, Quality and Safety Managers
  • SHEQ Personnel
  • Safety & Compliance Officers
  • Internal auditors
  • People who implement or maintain management systems
  • Middle to senior management will benefit by understanding how risk can be used as a management tool and how it affects their organization.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this session with the use of the relevant documentation you will be able to:\

  • Explain what risk is and how it is applied to management systems.
  • Identify opportunities and threats within the organization.
  • Apply the concepts of risk to management systems effectively.
  • Apply tools and techniques to identify and treat risks effectively

Duration: One day minimum 24 hours


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